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weight loss goal?

Why lose weight with the DietBon ?

Diet meal delivery

4 meals per day, dietitian-approved and prepared by French chefs

Diet ready meals

Free delivery on the day of your choice
Heat for 2 minutes, eat, and enjoy

Weight loss meals

Consultation with a dietician every month & Group meetings every week 

Weight loss meal delivery
It works !

OpinionWay study: "Dietbon customers lose up to a healthy 1kg per week*!"

Diet meals
Best price

From 43 € / week by either monthly payments or 3 installments

* these results are not guaranteed and may vary according to the individual

100% natural meals

natural meals natural meals

All our recipes have an A or B score on the Nutri-Score, the labeling system designed by Public Health France, at the request of the General Directorate of Health, to evaluate the nutritional quality of a product.

A real thorough work has been done to make all our dishes 100% natural so as to bring you better satisfaction and preserve your health.

The Yuka app allows you to scan food products to evaluate their nutritional quality. Our slimming dishes are systematically classified in the category "GOOD" or "EXCELLENT".

Andalusian-style chicken
with white rice

In the colors of Spain,
an irresistible recipe
full of flavors!

Our customers
love us

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Weight Loss with Dietbon: how it works
no cooking – no counting calories – no washing up

Weight loss foods You set your weight loss goal

You check your weight loss
profile and choose the DietBon plan
according to your weight loss goal

Diet food delivery You choose your meals

You choose the meals, prepared by
our professional chefs, according to your
preferences and receive a monthly delivery

Weight loss food delivery You are ready to lose weight!

Our meals are ready in 2 minutes.
You lose lose up to a healthy 2lbs* 
per week with the help of your dietician

* these results are not guaranteed and may vary according to the individual

To set your first weight loss goal

Check your weight loss profie

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Enter your mobile phone number and get a free consultation with a DIETBON advisor

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THEY SUCCEEDED ! Discover their success story!

I like the simplicity: you receive everything at home! And it's the first diet in my life that works!

AMANDINE, 32 years old

Study   "opinionway   conducted with
90 customers who have followed the DietBon plan for 3 months.

There is a large choice of meals that can be selected And it's really good!

MICHÈLE, 65 years old

DietBon has really changed the way I eat and its now become part of my routine.

Daniel, 71 years old

The personal consultation with my dietician helped me to reach my goal!

FRANCK, 53 years old

I regained confidence in myself as well as improving my health !

Josette, 70 years old

I was able to lose weight without being tired, without feeling deprived and without feeling hungry!

Hélène, 66 years old

Dietbon really helped me to change my lifestyle and improve my eating habits

Jean, 68 years old

When I hear my children saying to me, "Mommy, you're so beautiful," it’s a perfect reward for having lost weight!

Angélique, 38 years old

Before I ate just because I needed to feel full, now I savour and enjoy my food much more

ANNE, 42 years old

I'm doing lots of sport which I’m really enjoying, I feel like I'm young again.

PASCAL, 58 years old

After 5 months after finishing the program, I have not gained a single kilo !

JESABELLE, 53 years old

* these results are not guaranteed and may vary according to the individual