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Leaders in the market since 2009, we remain faithful to our founding values of sincerity and ethics.

At Dietbon, we don't believe in promises we can't keep. We feel that our results speak for themselves. We provide realistic goals because we believe that our promises should be inspired by your results.

The Dietbon method is based on a scientific approach to weight loss and on specialised knowledge of physiology and behaviour. To lose and then stabilise your weight in the long term requires effort not just in terms of life style but also emotional stability.

This is why we have developed a method which is based on a well-balanced diet where you chose what you would like to eat from a very large variety of meals and with regular consultations with qualified dieticians and a range of tools to ensure that following this plan is as effortless as it looks and at the end you're fully independent to make the right food choices going forward.

Each weight loss journey is unique. As a result, our advice is tailored to your specific needs.
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As you enjoy each meal, you'll regain confidence in your ability to correctly nourish your body.

Our meals are well balanced to ensure that you have the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids.


You're free to chose between 80 meals with no questions to ask yourself, just pick what you fancy!


Generous, well thought-out meals designed to give rhythm to your day.


All our meals are ready to eat after just 2 minutes in the microwave.

We provide you with the tools you need to ensure that you can lose the weight effortlessly and keep it off.
  • She adapts your programme to your nutritional needs and according to your lifestyle.
  • She is there to help you structure your autonomy day
  • She motivates you during your regular consultations or by chat each week.
  • One day a week, the responsibility for planning and preparing meals comes back to you. You can choose to cook or go out.
  • This day helps to render you fully independent in your food choices whether inside our outside of the home. This will also help you stabilise your weight once you've reached your objective.
  • An intelligent fork is provided with your plan(in option) in order to help you eat more slowly. Even at the end of your programme you'll still have access online to our pages of advice and recipes.
  • Even at the end of your program you'll still have access online to our pages of advice and recipes.
  • An exercise programme designed for endurance, flexibility and strength.
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DPD, specialized in the delivery of food products, delivers to your specified address.

You are accompanied by your dedicated dietician each month

To adapt your program, offer you tools, physical activity and motivate you to succeed.

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