Adeline lost 20 kg in 4 months

<< I don’t know what happened to all those extra centimetres, they just kept disappearing. I managed to find my weight before my pregnancy. I’m so happy !! >>

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My experience with Dietbon after my pregnancy

I put on a lot of weight during my first pregnancy (about 30kg), I was eating a lot of fast food and snacking almost constantly. I went from a size 8 to a size 14. I didn’t like my body anymore; it didn’t feel like me, I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror.

After giving birth, I lost the first 10kg easily, with almost no effort from me. The following 20kg, however, were a whole different story !

It was my mother who first convinced me to try a weight loss programme with one of your competitors. I didn’t manage to finish the programme because it became too expensive. I looked around and quickly discovered Dietbon who proposed a similar programme, but less expensive and the meals taste better.

The beginning of the programme was a bit difficult. I had to get used to eating for 1 again and not for 3. It was encouraging to see results in the first few days on the programme, which gave me the necessary motivation to continue.

All throughout the programme, I didn’t once feel like I was on a diet. The meals taste really delicious and I had the impression that I was eating healthily at last and doing my body some good.

I’m lucky that my husband likes vegetables because I could make our meals look pretty with different colours and textures for my free days and enjoy the same meal as my family. In the evening, we even allowed ourselves a little treat !

And today ?

Today I’ve lost 20kg, without even taking into account all the centimetres I’ve lost!! I finally found my pre-pregnancy body (size 8) and I’m so happy !!

I spent 4 months on the programme and I haven’t put a single kg back on. My stabilisation phase is going well. I now know how to eat the right quantities. I eat less cheese. I have learned how to eat what I like and stay reasonable.

I even convinced my mum to give Dietbon a try ! She’s not convinced many of her friends too ! It’s true to say that well-being plays a big role in weight loss. With Dietbon I felt really good right from the beginning. My weight loss reflects this attitude change in me !