Anne lost 22 kg in 10 months

<< Before I ate just because
I needed to feel full, now
I savour and enjoy my food
much more ! >>

Set my first
weight loss goal?
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My story

Due to personal issues I had to take a hormone treatment which made me gain nearly 30 kilos. As other stressful events followed, I took refuge in food until I reached the famous 3 figures (in kgs) on the scale

I owe my trigger to aikido, a Japanese martial art. When my manager offered me a course, I laughed in his face: "I could never do it, can you see how I look?" He insisted, I gave in and I loved it.
But as the sessions passed, the more I realized that my body was having trouble keeping up. I had no choice, if I wanted to continue, I had to lose weight. So that's when my Dietbon adventure began.

My Dietbon experience

The first few days were complicated; I was often hungry because of Aikido which required a lot of energy. The dietician was a great help because from the beginning she was able to adapt the program to my individual needs and social activities and everything went very well afterwards.

The food was delicious, which greatly facilitated the continuation of the program. As a musician by profession, I have several small jobs and often travel by car and therefore eat on the go. With the Dietbon dishes I knew that a balanced and delicious meal was waiting for me. It even made me want to change my schedule to avoid eating in my car!

The free day allowed me to take a break and enjoy time with friends at a good restaurant.

And now?

Today I still have a few kilos to lose until I reach my goal. I am in the stabilization phase so that my body can gradually get used to the new eating pattern and so far, everything is going well.

Thanks to Dietbon I completely changed my diet. Before I ate to fill myself up, now I savour and enjoy my food much more.

Even my Aikido colleagues don't recognize me. They had to change their habits too for the predinner drinks nibbles: now it's carrots and tomatoes instead of peanuts! They have given me a lot of support which warms my heart. Thanks to them and of course to Dietbon!