Anne Marie lost 23 kg in 8 months

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My story

I have always been very active, doing sport on a daily basis. Like all athletes, I accumulated quite a few joint problems and then seriously injured my knee. Immobilized for several months I started to gain weight, a lot of weight, and I felt very depressed about my weight.

Just as things were starting to get better, I lost my father in a car accident. I have always suffered with asthma and I had to increase my cortisone treatment, which made the situation even worse: It was impossible to lose weight and as soon as I ate, I gained weight.

I decided to go to a dietician for weight loss advice. Their method was clearly not the right one because after several months of seeing them, my weight had actually increased. I was horrified when I got on the scales. I had never been this heavy.

It was a disaster for me...until I discovered Dietbon.

My Dietbon experience

I started Dietbon by taking a 3-month program, without much conviction, convinced that I was simply wasting my money. I didn't set any goals for myself and decided simply to see what happened :

And then, even though I assumed it was not going to work, I lost 4 kilos in the first week. For me it was unbelievable because I felt like I was eating more than usual. It was only when I had my consultation with Marina, my dietician, that I realized that I wasn't eating enough in terms of my activity levels and this really reassured me. I finally figured out what was wrong.

Over the next few months, Dietbon has become totally established in my daily life. At the office I brought my meals to work and enjoyed them. You have to be really difficult not to like the meals!

And if I was invited to dinner or to eat out, I had the flexibility to enjoy these moments during my free day.

And now?

Today I am back on track. I am gradually learning to trust myself. I can eat without being afraid of gaining weight. My relationship to food has completely changed.

I still don't have a specific objective and that's okay. Some months I lose less than others and I am truly comfortable with that because I have now understood how my body works.