Claude lost 12 kg in 4 months

<< Thanks to Dietbon I have regained my health and a new lease of life after quitting smoking ! >>

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My story

I quit smoking in 2004 and gained a lot of weight. From one addiction, I moved on to another. I was eating more food and snacking more in between meals: the longer I stayed at home, the more I wanted to eat.
I couldn't run anymore, I couldn't move, every movement made me short of breath. Even tying my shoelaces was an effort!

My Dietbon experience

I started Dietbon at the beginning of this year. I was very surprised by the dishes that are really delicious! Even the smell is very appetising ! The salads are great, it's varied, there are new products on a regular basis and above all I feel like I'm eating normally!

At no time did I feel like I was on a diet. The quantity is less than what I am used to consuming but it is satisfying, and I don’t feel hungry!

The free day allows me not to give up my little pleasures, which was essential! And if I have any questions about what to eat, I know that my dietitian is there to advise me.

And now?

I am still in the program with 12 kilos and 3 trousers sizes down already! My goal is to reach 80 kgs and I’ve not set a target date, I’ll get there little by little.

My blood tests have never been so good: everything has fallen and returned to normal. That's a real relief ! I was able to start walking again and can now easily walk 12 km. It's such a change!

My wife is so impressed that she decided to start the program herself in order to lose 10 kg. We can support each other!