Daniel lost 43 kg in 1 year

<< DietBon has really changed the way I eat and its now become part of my routine ! >>

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My story

I worked in sales and steadily gained weight as a result of routine business lunches with my clients. At the age of 50 and with a height of 1m76, I weighed 142 kilos. I began experiencing problems with my knees. Following advice from my doctor, I decided to go on a diet, but struggled to keep the weight off : 5 kilos lost off, followed by 5 kilos.

I continued like this for 10 years, before being told I’d have to have an operation. I refused, and this was the moment I decided to start taking dieting seriously.

My Dietbon program

I reviewed the different options on the market and Dietbon seemed the best in terms of quality and price.

What really convinced me was the flexibility of the program : you can change the meals every month and there’s a wide choice of different meals to choose from.

It’s now been 3 years that I’ve been following the program and as well as losing weight, I’ve regained my health: no more diabetes, cholesterol and especially less joint pain. My doctor is astonished !

I’ve even convinced my wife to try the program and she was delighted to lose 8 kilos in a few weeks. We can keep each other motived which is a real plus.

Dietbon has considerably changed my way of eating and its now part of my daily routine. I can see the results, I enjoy the program and I’m happy: who could ask for more ?