Jean lost 20 kilos in 5 months

<<The free day allowed me to enjoy my social life and to spend mealtimes with my family and friends >>

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My story

After quitting smoking in the 1990s, I gained a lot of weight which I tried to lose, but without success. I tried several diets that always resulted in me regaining all the weight I had lost. While I am now retired, it was complicated to follow a healthy diet when I was working because I was often on the move, eating in different places with a limited choice of meals.

I have been a diabetic for a few years, and this was definitely linked to my weight. My blood tests showed that I was struggling to get this under control, and I knew it was time to do something and reduce my weight.

My Dietbon experience

What attracted me first to Dietbon was the 6/7 formula which allowed me to have a day off so I wouldn't be cut off from my social life. I like cooking and entertaining for my family, this is important to me. It also allows me to take a break from the program while ensuring I cook balanced and healthy meals.

I am someone who adapts very well and quickly, which has made the food transition easy. I had issues with cravings, but this was quickly resolved thank to the tips from my dietician. I have consulted dieticians in the past and I realized that the telephone interview made me more comfortable and confident than a face-to-face interview. I therefore felt more relaxed in terms of asking questions and discussing my diet.

The programme structure has also helped me a lot because when you want to lose weight it is difficult to make balanced and varied meals. With Dietbon it is a quick, easy and practical solution !

What about today ?

I am followed by a nephrologist and every year I have blood tests. This year is the first time my results are in the reference range! A real relief, knowing that I'm only a few kilos away from my goal !

In terms of diet, I eat less, I eat more slowly (no more meals in 15 minutes!), and I try to eat at regular times.

Today I look at a different person in the mirror, much more confident. It encourages me to keep going and give my body as long as it takes to lose the last few pounds. I do this first and foremost for myself and not for others !