Jesabelle lost 16 kg in 5 months

<< After 5 months after finishing the program, I have not gained a single kilo ! >>

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My story

All my life I've weighed between 58 and 60 kilos. It was only when I met my spouse a few years ago that I started to really let myself go. We ate too much and ate anything! As the months went by, I saw my body change. From a size 36 I went to a size 42, forced to constantly buy new clothes.

One day I said STOP, I was tired of looking in the mirror. I couldn't stand myself anymore, I even disliked myself. In addition to my back problems, which were getting worse, I could no longer walk or play sports.

It had to change, I had to change. So I embarked on the Dietbon adventure with the hope of getting my size 36 back!

My Dietbon experience

After comparing the price of the program with my monthly travel budget, I realized that Dietbon was more advantageous for me. That's what clearly tipped the balance!

The beginning of the program went very well, the food was good and the follow-up with the dietician really helped me, as I was very apprehensive about the free day.
In the end I realized that I was eating too much and that it was enough if I reduced the quantities little by little. She also made me aware of the balance of my plate by insisting on my plate containing both carbohydrates and vegetables.

Thanks to Dietbon I also swapped my morning sandwiches for oatmeal cereal, something I didn't know about before the program!

And now?

Today I reached my goal! And the good news is that after 5 months after the program I have not gained a single kilo!

Recently I even went skiing with friends and I can say that between fondue, raclette and blueberry pie I had a great time! The most surprising thing? I didn't gain weight. It is possible (and even necessary!) to have fun!

I have also converted my spouse to the program and he already has -19 kilos on the scale! We have adopted good eating habits and totally modified our shopping list to focus on fruits and vegetables!