Josette lost 40 kg in 1 year

<< I regained confidence
in myself as well as
improving my health ! >>

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My story

I had always struggled with my weight. I gained weight very easily. Over the years I had tried all sorts of different diets and but none of them ever worked. At 70 years old, with a height of 1m65, I weighed over 135 kilos.

I was easily breathless and struggled to move. Following an appointment with my cardiologist, I decided that I really needed to start taking care of myself.

I then discovered the Dietbon program which particularly appealed to me as I wanted to lose weight without spending hours cooking in the kitchen (something I really do not enjoy !).

My Dietbon program

From the first week, the results were impressive, I’d lost 7 kilos ! I never felt like I was on a diet, I did not feel deprived, I was not hungry and above all, I was very motivated !

I was used to eating ready-made meals and I found the Dietbon meals of a much better quality than the other meals I’d eaten.

The dietetic consultation helped to keep me on track. My dietician gave me advice on how to manage my food intake during the holiday period and always gave me excellent support. I did not even feel like eating chocolate at Christmas !

Results, 1 year later, I’ve lost over 40 kilos, am no longer breathless and I am no longer diabetic !

As well as improving my health, Dietbon helped me to regain my confidence. I’m able to enjoy wearing clothes, getting my hair done and following a balanced diet. My friends have all asked me: But how did you do it ?!