Marion lost 13 kg in 4 months

<< Thanks to the free day I was able to keep my social life and continue having drinks with my friends >>

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My story

I always put on weight easily. I could put on 4 kilos just looking at a chocolate bar ! (laughs).

My two pregnancies didn’t help either. You get stuck in a routine at home and I found that meant stacking at all times of the day. I could see myself putting on weight day by day and then one day I decided to say STOP ! I’m going to lose this weight and never put it back on !

My Dietbon experience

I discovered Dietbon through friends. They managed to lose weight, so I thought I could too. I just went for it !

I tried my best, following the plan as best as I could and my weight started to go down slowly. I was surprised to notice that I didn’t feel hungry or any kind of frustration and I realised I could eat almost everything I wanted to: it’s really fantastic ! I found the programme to be very comprehensive and excellent value for money !

My free days allowed me to continue having a social life, add foods I used to feel guilty about and even have drinks with friends ! In the south of France, having ‘l’apéritif’ is really important to us and I could enjoy these moments by paying attention to the quantity I was eating.

So in the end, I lost two trouser sizes, I went down from a 44 to a 40. I feel much better in my body and in my habits. It’s really great to be able to trust myself and eat what I fancy every day !
And today ?

I finished the programme 4 months ago and I haven’t put any of the weight back on. I’m able to manage my weight successfully and I’m really proud of myself !

I decided to get a dog and now I walk almost 15 000 steps every day thanks to him. I never used to walk before, so this is a first !

Also, I’ve completely stopped snacking during the day and sugary foods aren’t attractive to me anymore. The programme really helped me to feel at ease with food and my way of life.

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