Mélissa lost 11 kg in 2 months

<< I have finally found the solution that helps me lose my pregnancy weight without feeling frustrated ! >>

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My story

Following my pregnancy, I had trouble getting rid of the pregnancy weight. I tried a lot of solutions: only eating salads, following a high-protein diet... but nothing worked, I systematically regained the kilos, the classic yo yo.
I’d always been naturally slender so, I no longer recognized myself, I could no longer bear to look at myself in the mirror....

It was an appointment with my doctor that upset me. They used the term ‘obese’. It was a huge slap in the face for me. I knew I was overweight, but it was when I heard them say that word, it shocked me. It was too much and I had to change, I simply had to change.

My Dietbon experience

Like anyone who is determined to lose weight, I went online in search of a practical solution. I then came across Dietbon. I don't like to cook, and it seemed to be the ideal solution. So, I opted for a program of several months, convinced that both time and determination would help me to be successful.

To my great surprise, after 2 months of following the programme I was already 10 kg lighter on the scale. What a surprise and a relief! I had finally found the right solution for me.

I was afraid of having to weigh everything and calculate everything. With Dietbon, everything turned out to be disconcertingly easy. I eat the dishes I have chosen which are good, varied and balanced.
The notion of pleasure is also present since every week I can go to a restaurant with my family or a have a treat. And that's a real plus!

And now?

Today, although the mirror test is still hard for me, I feel that these 10 kilos less are already doing me a lot of good. I am now a size 40, and I grab my trainers and enjoy running again, climbing the stairs with without difficulty.

I know there is still a long way to go, but I am determined not to give up!
The members of Dietbon's support group also motivate and support me every day! I have joined a caring community that understands me and encourages me and gives me hope for the future.