Pacal lost 23 kg in 7 months

<< I'm doing lots of sport which I’m really enjoying, I feel like I'm young again ! >>

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My story

After quitting smoking in 1998, I compensated with food. I ate constantly and excessively. Not surprisingly, I gained more than 25 kilos and I started to have high blood pressure. My doctor warned me: "If you continue like this, you wouldn't reach retirement age. You have to move, you have to lose weight".

I no longer had a choice, so I decided to get my act together and change my lifestyle. I had a goal: 85 kilos. A weight that I had been for many years and a weight which I felt worked for me.

My Dietbon experience

I came across Dietbon which was seemed to be the most attractively priced option on the market. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I started my own adventure.

What I really appreciated was the support throughout the program. We are not left to our own devices but encouraged and supported throughout the program. My dietician was able to provide me with all the answers I needed, and her coaching helped me to succeed.

I enjoy cooking and the dishes had to live up to my expectations (I didn't want the weight loss program to feel like a punishment) and what a nice surprise I had! Most of the dishes are delicious, which made the experience even easier. It's simple, I never felt like I was on a diet!

What about now?

Today I am in the consolidation phase. My program is going well, and I am only 3 kilos from my goal. In 7 months, I went from a size 56/28 to a size 46/18 (soon 44/16)

My craving for snacks has disappeared, I even prefer to replace sweets with an apple! I do my shopping differently and look closely at the composition of each product.

The treatment for my hypertension has been halved and I am doing a lot of sports sessions that help me to feel fantastic: walking, swimming, running, elliptical biking, I feel like I'm young again!

My message to all those who are still hesitating: "Try and you'll see!"